WELCOME TO THE OBRERO! This first post is intended to signify a new era of my anthropological life as a PhD candidate. Several things exist around the corner:

1) I’m currently finishing a manuscript about the conceptual, methodological, and ethical issues arising from conducting more dynamic, iterative, and sometimes ‘digital’ ethnographic research (something my advisor and I have begun to call ‘hyper-ethnography’).

2) I’ve started a new manuscript using my ethnographic findings on gold mining labor in Amazonia to further develop a model of unequal exchange.

3) and finally, my wife and I are preparing to embark on a year-long trip to Andes/Amazonia Peru to complete dissertation fieldwork. Watch this site, as there will be many more things to come, including videos, audio recordings, photography, ethnographic blurbs, ethnographic reflections, and more!


A photo from the obelisk of typical traffic in Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, Peru from the 2013 field season. This image captures the busy everyday lives of hardworking people in Amazonia. See the photography page for more images from last year’s fieldwork!

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